Suggestions for a MP4 Video and image Gallery

I’m working on a site that uses FancyBox as an image and video gallery. Unfortunately the client doesn’t want to use it due to the fact that the videos are played in Flash and they have to be able to play on an iPhone/iPad. So i’m currently looking for an image/video gallery that can play mp4.

Any suggested video galleries?

You need to do more than just serve up mp4, though. Unfortunately, there’s no one video format that displays on all devices. So you have to serve the video in various formats. A lot of people are doing this with the new <video> element:

An alternative would be to post the video on YouTube and embed it on your page, as YouTube serves up various formats automatically depending on what device is being used.

Most of these lightbox scripts don’t care what is in each panel you serve up. It can be an image, video or whatever, so I expect you could put the <video> element inside the div that pops up via FancyBox or whatever you use. (If FancyBox doesn’t allow it, try something similar like Slimbox2, [URL=“”]ColorBox or [URL=“”]HighSlide.

Here’s a longer list of alternatives:

Thanks Ralph.m for help! I suggested to the client to offer a button link to a flash version and another link to a format that would work with iPhones since I was pretty much finished with the page and it seemed like the quickest and logical solution. However they didn’t like the idea, so it’s back to the drawing board.

Edit: I’m taking a look at these resources and I think these will help a lot! Thanks again!