Suggestion to This nice forum!

I love this forum-a lots of good info here and the people are very helpfully too-I wish I have more time to spend here :)-anyway-Why we do not have a “FREE staff” Category?
Thank You and 1 more thing or category (only for moderators)-make 1 category and tell us(members) how we can help this forum.Thank You and good luck everyone!

Thank you for the compliments :slight_smile:
I don’t understand what you mean by a “FREE staff” Category, though?

I think Tony meant free stuff.
It’s an idea we have thought about in the past but are worried it would become a spam pit but it could be revisited in the future.

I will stick it on the list!

You guys are super fast!!:)SORRY for the “staff” -STUFF is the right word!Why do You worry about spammers so much-that category can be a spammers trap too :wink: Got it??

we’d rather not HAVE the spammers at all, than to invite them to a trap. It just makes for more work for our moderators.

What would you put in “free stuff” that you cant put elsewhere/more relevant places?

I was ready to offer a free tweets(I got 10 000+followers) for a first 20-30 members-just to help some members website to get noticed.Any way -tell me how I can help Your forum- because I feel like just taking information and no contributing some how…:slight_smile:
P.S.You are probably the only forum without any kind of advertising-like a banners and so on :slight_smile:

That’s really kind of you @tony5885
As the others have mentioned, we’re concerned about opening this kind of forum up as it’ll turn into a free for all BUT if you really want to help people here, stick around. As you learn, pass that info on to others. Forums only survive if people stick around and give back. I like your attitude. :slight_smile: