Suggestion required for a php script


I want to add a script like below:

As soon as user logins, it checks the database to see if all the fields are filled by user or nor. If every thing is OK then user can move ahead but if some fields are missing a popup should appear saying that following fields are missing,please update. That message should have a skip or proceed button so that user can fill it later too. if user clicks proceed then he should be directed to fill those entries,This script should run each time at the logon time.

Is this possible.


Yes it is; why not write what you can and when you get stuck come back and ask a question.

I would have a login form that directs to a validation page and if there is a problem request the user goes back and correct the data - I would not have a popup as such.

I have decided to do it like this:
Once the PHP will verify the login credentials, i will check database for that user for blank fields. if some thing blank is find then user will be redirected to page where message will be displayed that please fill the missing information.
But i am not getting the way by which the blank fields found above will be displayed on the later page. I just need the blank fields there. I need a guidance to do this basically.

You want to check for blank fields before you do anything else.
As it is quite a long answer and as it has been done before I would check Google for a tutorial; I found this one. You want to look at the third piece of code under the heading “Logging In”. If there is a problem the user presses back on their browser it should return to the form and any data they have should still be in the form.

Got the solution to my problem… Thanks a lot :slight_smile: