Suggestion for NEW Business Name

I want to start new Business of Online Book Keeping, SEO, Quick books Data entry, Accounting, Financial Analysis. But i unable to search Perfect name for this. Can any one suggest me name that is Perfect for all profession.

I am waiting your response my friends


online data entry is good name for your business

This is a bit too open-ended. We don’t know much about you or your business. Book keeping and SEO are not very closely related, so it sounds like you do a wide range of things. Pic a few names you like and that make sense to you, or relate to something you do, or a place you live, or whatever. Then post some alternatives for some feedback.

I don’t necessarily think that the name of the business should reflect the actual line of work or even the industry. I know that there are some that do like “British Petroleum (BP)”, and “Toyota Motors”, but for each one that does that you have many more that are just names such as “ExxonMobil”, and “Royal Dutch Shell”.

To make matters worse you are trying to cover two distinctive markets: Book Keeping, Quick books Data entry, Accounting, and Financial Analysis are related. However, SEO is not related.

I think that you would be best served with a generic name. You might want to consider adding something like “Services” at the end. Since you are trying to establish an online business, you might want to avoid references to a particular city/town as you might not want to remind your customers that they have to drive 200+ miles to talk to you face to face.

You might be tempted to go with your name, and that might be a good way to go unless your name is not very friendly for an online presence. (too long or too difficult for your target market to remember).

Or you could go the drug brand name way by coming up with a fusion of terms that is both simple, easy to remember, and unique. I would spend an hour or so writing down names, then narrow them to five and put them to a vote here. At the end of the day, if you come up with a name you like after this exercise just go with it since you might end up living with it for a long time.

The good one name for your online store, i think
“My Online Book Shop”
“Online Store of My Book”

[FONT=verdana]I can’t sugest any names (and, really, you’re the only person here who knows enough about your business to choose the best names). But I can tell you what to avoid:

  • Avoid names that are difficult to spell.

  • Avoid names that are difficult to pronounce, or where the pronunciation is not obvious from the spelling.

  • Avoid names containing weird characters, like punctuation or mathematical symbols.

  • Avoid words that are totally meaningless (unless combined with other words that do mean something).

  • Avoid names that can easily be confused with existing brands or companies.

  • Avoid deliberate mis-spellings, incorrect grammar, or use of numbers in place of words (4 instead of four, etc).

You might think all this is completely obvious, but it’s amazing how many would-be business owners don’t understand these basic common-sense ideas.


[FONT=Verdana]As this thread is over six months old, I hope ashclari has long since found the perfect business name.

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