Suggestion for Link Structure for Google Search result Rankings

Hi. I manage the SEO suite of our E-commerce website

Recently, we have been planning to make changes in the link structure.

But before we do that, I wanted to ask all the Experts that which of the following two structures is best for good

SERP results. The first one is being currently used and the second one is the proposed one -



Also pls suggest whether shifting from the first one to the second one will lead to loss in link juice after permanent redirect.

Thanks in advance.

My first question would be “why?”.

As far as I can see, there’s no actual change to the structure, as such; you are simply renaming a directory to include more keywords.

My advice would be this. If you are restructuring your site, and need to make changes to the directories, go ahead and do what is necessary. If you are simply trying to manipulate search results, then don’t bother; the effect is likely to be negligible.

Google recommends that you keep your URLs simple.

If you do need to change the URLs, then 301 redirects should ensure there is no problem either for search engines, or for visitors who may have bookmarked pages.


@TechnoBear Thank you for your suggestions. Yes i was simply trying to add more keywords
in order to assist in easier assessment of our website by Google-bots which ultimately also help in
in improving search results performance.

I will keep your note in mind while discussing with my colleagues.

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