Suggested Schema for Job Posting Functions


I’m working on a PHP/MySQL site and need to allow authenticated users to post new jobs and permit those jobs to be viewed on the employment opportunities page viewable by unauthenticated users.

The original idea was to create a table that contains the canned job descriptions (total of 4 entries). A second table would contain the open jobs (posted by the authenticated website user). The open jobs has a primary key of openjobid and a foreign key of jobid to the jobdesc table. The authetnicated user will need to make a few simple changes to a job description - add Swing Shift to the position etc. Thus, is it better to have the website return the canned job description and then allow for insertion of the revised description into the openjobs table? Since the same positions will be posted for multiple stores, I have a foreign key in openjobs to the store table. Is this good practice?

Finally, from the web application’s point of view, should I create separate forms for the retrieval of the canned job description and the posting of the new job? If so, can this be done in the same page?

Thanks much for any advice, gotchas etc.