Suggest Top 3 Australia's Domain Registrar

Hi friends !

Plz Suggest Top 3 Australia’s Domain Registrar …

I should be able to redirect, use google apps etc.

Generally i use godaddy …but as it does not provide .com .au …i have to find alternative…It should not be too expensive registrar.


And that will not make customer think that he is depend on you.
That would be nice if you explain your customers why that is so important not to keep all eggs in the same basket.

In any way you can do some search on the I believe some domain name registrars must be discussed there.

I agree. There might be future problems if you use their info to sign up for the domain since they are the only ones who are entitled to sign up for it. If you make any mistakes during the sign up process then the domain might be forfeited.

If I were you I would recommend your customer to do it himself

You need their ABN (australian business number), business address and other contact info. But really, it would be better for you to get them to do the registrations, so that the domain is in their name.

I will be registering on behalf of my ASX listed client in australia…what info should i keep handy while registering…and how they ensure that i am legitimate person to book domain…

I registered an Aussie name a few months ago and I used a company called . I read some reviews and their prices seemed ok.

There are similar restrictions for all the variants ending .AU also requires a business registration and are only available to associations and other organisations in Australia is only available to people resident in Australia.

The other second level domains within .au are not even available to the general public in Australia but are tightly controlled by their owners. For example is only available to scientific bodies associated with the csiro.

There are no .au domains whatsoever available outside Australia.

You need to have business ID in Australia to be able to register domain name.
That is the rule for this domain name extension only. For other ccTLD domain names you will see other rules.

There is a complete list of all authorised Australian registrars at

Note that you MUST be resident in Australia to get a domain and to get a or domain you must also have a business or company registered in Australia.

Also …i got to use disc coupons with go daddy …is there such thing…and where to search for that ?!

Planet Domain is good, as is [URL=“”]Net Registry.