Suggest pop-out side panel

Hi, I have a gallery site and I would like to add a pop-out side
panel that contains scrollable images. I want that the side panel causes the main area to expand/contract and does not overlay the main area when open. Appreciate suggested plugin or code snippets that can do this.
Thanks for any help

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That’s a little too specific to your requirements and would require knowledge of your existing mark up as you would need to shrink your page when the side panel expands.

I have a grid demo that has a sliding panel that is very similar to what you ask but of course you would have to insert your gallery in the main panel and that also assumes that your gallery is a responsive gallery and not some fixed width design.

(Click ‘Edit on Codepen’ to see full size)

I’ve only quickly adapted this (from a previous demo) as proof of concept and needs some work to make it look and work better but shows the techniques required.

Hope it’s of some use anyway.


I’ve simplified the demo above to make it easier to implement by keeping the sidebar separate from the main section.

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