Suggest me platform to make video website

I want to create a video website. It will not be a video hosting website, but I will collect all funny and amazing videos from Youtube in order to make a great amusing videos collection.
So, my question is:
Q: Is wordpress or blogger is best to do so? Or any other suggestions please?

Why would you need to ask that question here when you’ve already asked it in another forum and received replies?

I didn’t received any positive reply there, that’s why, I cam here to ask the members.

OK, but it’s a pretty vague question, so you might want to provide more details if you want more specific replies than you’ve received elsewhere.

How do you want the site to work? Do you want people to comment etc., or will it just be static pages? If the latter, you don’t really need a CMS at all. There are lots of CMSes out there, and in my view, unless you want a blog-style site, you are better off looking at other options.

Of course, if you are just displaying YouTube videos, you can simply embed them on your pages and save a lot of bandwidth.

I think WP is fine for you. WP seems to be easy to precess. You may find out a lot of free features. So, I think you should try this one.