Suggest a software for eBook covers

Can anybody tell me the another better software to compile my ebook covers, my box covers, my cd covers to market the websites? Currently I am using scott boxshot maker. :confused:


MyEcoverMaker is good software for eBook covers.

I’ve used Box Shot 3D for a while. Not sure if it will do everything you want but it is a solid product and pretty easy to customise layouts and things like internal pages of books. I see that there is now a [URL=“”]4th gen of the product, we bought 3D because it was a cheap way to get what we were after and we don’t really need to many more bells and whistles. The 3D version also allowed for external files to be loaded which I see is now available only in the top tier product. (This is really only useful if you are working with 3D models though).

Find some online cover generators, some of them are really awesome … I sold my first ebook on digitalpoint and cover was made all online

I use eBook Cover Maker Pro, it is easy to use for me, but I rather create my cover on photoshop.

Hi, There are lots of software, for me specially ebook cover maker and PSD is working great.