Suggest A Good Spell check tool For Grammar Checks

I need a good spell check software for checking my content. I tried different tools but did not get good results. Currently i am using spellcheckplus which is a very good one but somewhat slow. Suggest a nice one if you guys are using any other good tool.:slight_smile:

If your on a Mac, Spell Catcher X is very good (sorry no Windows version).

It’s on special today on MUPromo

I feel a little bad suggesting this… but Microsoft Word has probably the best grammar checker that I’ve ever used.

You can use paperrater.c0m to check your grammar, you can check your entire article. also you can use whitesmoke tools it’s also best for checking grammar.

Mine does a decent job at this, but it does a horrible job at suggesting sentence errors (i.e words in the wrong place, punctuation, et cetera). It’ll do all sorts of weird things to my sentences if I don’t stop it.

No matter which one you use, taking the word of a spell/grammar checker as law is foolish. Although the MS Word catches a lot of things, it misses a lot, too. Depending on the filters you use, it can be more trouble than it’s worth.

I use three grammar spellcheckers on everything I write:

Spellcheck Plus
Paper Rater – free
After the Deadline – free

Each has its own merits as well as its own faults, so cross checking helps me decide what is acceptable and what is not. If I need further reference, I use the Owl, Purdue’s online writing lab.

Grammarly is another highly respected tool, but it is also very expensive.