Successful merchant integration reports

I am interested in receiving detailed reports of successful direct merchant account application procedures, both for E-commerce and Mo/To.

From the step one - initial approaches to the bank(s) till the final step - merchant account approval and succesful integration. And beyond - the relevant details of the first couple of months of merchant account operation.

The emphasys is - direct merchant integration with local acquirer banks. The countries and regions of interest are - UK & Ireland, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, South and Central America/Caribbean and Africa. These should not be specifically offshore merchant providers, therefore mainly catering to local businesses. However, it is preferred if the business conducts international sales.

The reports should be from entities who successfully opened and operate a merchant account in any country of the listed.

Any sensitive info such as names, company names, websites can be omitted. However, I will need basic business description, previous history and volumes handled, and acquirer banks names as well.

It goes without saying, that I do not expect to receive such info for free.