Substr for Any 1st Char for 2 Words

{assign var=firstletter value=$entry->company_name|substr:0:1}

Looking to have code for first char for any words:

company_name : Smarty Php
The output is SP

company_name : Words
The output is W

Hi alouty,

Something like this should work:

function getAcronym($string)
    $words = explode(" ", $string);
    $acronym = "";

    foreach ($words as $w) {
         $acronym .= $w[0];

    return $acronym;

// Register function with Smarty
$smarty->register_modifier('get_acronym', 'getAcronym');

then in your template, do:

{assign var=firstletter value=$entry->company_name|get_acronym}

Thank you.