Subscription service which lets people choose date of when to send monthly consumabl?

Hi all,
Just wondering about this, but I’m looking to create something similar to where the user selects a certain product and pays for it, which then gives them a monthly subscription where they can choose the date which their product is sent.

This obviously will send an email to us on the date which they choose (or 5 days before) so we can send them the product (and it automatically charges paypal)

the reason I’m looking at ecommerce solutions is because there will be a variety of products (and I sort of want something semi off the shelf which will be easily modded as I’m more of a front end guru than a back end!)

Any suggestions welcome :slight_smile:

Graze is really nice site

As far I see, this page is actually simple product page with product options. Only designers work is needed to customize it.