Subscribe form won't obey css

Hi - can anyone see why “display:inline-block;” for subscribe form does not work on this page: – scroll down to sub-header “Stay Up-to-Date!”

I tried reducing the 13em width but that makes it worse!

Also the image does not display and “.awbox .awsub{text-align:center;}” is not working!

The exact same code works fine at

thank you - Val

The width: 13em is being overridden by width: 75% so it’s not going to stay on a line.
The selector .awsub .input1 has higher specificity than .awsub input.


Yes as Sam said above you have a rule with higher specificity that is floating and setting a width to those elements.

Line 132:

.awsub .input1, .awsub .input2 {float:right;width:75%;border: 1px inset #cccccc;}

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hey good to see you guys! I didn’t even know that other submit stuff was there! Works great now.

thank you!

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