Subpage results higher than homepage?

Hello everyone,

I recently put together an extremely simple site as a half-favor for a local business called Wallace Plumbing. I submitted the site to Google and did a little bit of link building (this site doesn’t need to blow up, I just wanted it to get noticed locally.)

The URL is Whenever you search Wallace Plumbing or Wallace Plumbing Inc, the Contact page shows up before the homepage. Whahappen? Is this something that will fix itself as time goes on? (The site has only been up for about a week.) Or should I change something manually? I don’t have loads of SEO knowledge, and my SEO partner is MIA at the moment.

The site is running on Wordpress with the Wordpress All-In-One SEO plugin running. I submitted my site manually and made a sitemap by hand which I also submitted via Google Webmaster tools.

Thanks for the help!

I have searched its shows at no: 47 in {Home Page}

Google obviously thinks that page is the most relevent for the search query.

Think about what’s you’re searching for, eg the name of the company, if someone is doing that search it’s highly likely that they will want to make contact with them?

For me it shows the home page first (on position 16) on