Submitting Sitemap to Google

Google webmaster tells you to add all the versions of your domains. So I have submitted three versions of my domain: (Preffered)
Out of which I prefer the forst version of domain and I have submiited the sitemap for that version only. Should I submit the sitemap for other versions of my domains too? And what I need to do to them after adding them to Google Webmasters. Should I leave them like that?

You can find Google’s guidelines for sitemaps here:

Use consistent, fully-qualified URLs. Google will crawl your URLs exactly as listed. For instance, if your site is at , don’t specify a URL as (missing www ) or ./mypage.html (a relative URL).

Use recommended canonicalization methods to tell Google if your site is accessible on both the www and non-www versions of your domain. You need to submit a sitemap for only your preferred domain.

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@TechnoBear Thanks!

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