Submitting Data into Flash Form Fields?

Note: I figured the best way to do this type of interaction may be with Javascript. However please feel free to move this if it would fit better into another Category.


I am not sure if anything like this is possible. Basically:
A. I have a flash website which was built via FLEX and also utilizes an MySQL database for data.
B. The Login is embedded into the flash, so the login and UI once you log in is on the same HTML page.
C. I have no access to any of the source files for the flash.
D. The flash does have a “remember me” check box which appears to autofill the username+password fields when revisiting the website.

What I am trying to do:

  1. I want to create a page with a login form that will either automatically populate the login fields on the flash based on what I entered in the login page
  2. cause the flash to automatically log me in once entering.

I was told that there was a tool that can be used to fill variables within flash form fields, but can not find one. Is something like the above possible with javascript or not possible at all?

Thank you in advance.