Submitted forms without visual HTML

I try to submit forms without filled in fields.

Which software or web application can be used to test security for published forms?
Another question is the following: if we set empty action=’’
Will be possible to submit form using empty fields even action element is empty?

Why would you need a form then? A HTML button might do the trick?

How to use jQuery/PHP and block HTML button if they use spammers techniques when they use system without filled in values as human but using application to abuse contact forms (automatic bot system).

then use a ReCaptcha to prevent bots from spamming or to prevent a bot from even clicking the button or set the maximum click times to 5 per 1 week and when 5 is reached disable the button and make a countdown stat counting done when the timer is done the button is available.

I guess that you are looking for “honey pot”?

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