Submit new articles to Ezine or post them in your blog

I have one question but can’t think about the correct answer so I create this poll to get the answer.
If I have 10 new articles,

  1. should I submit them to Ezine and other article directories (about 10) and get back links?
  2. should I post them in my website blog and submit each new article page to social bookmarking sites (about 40)?
  3. should I post 5 articles in my website blog and submit the other 5 articles to Ezine and other articles directories?
    Which method is more effective in SEO and traffic?
    Please vote on this poll.

Why don’t you do option 3 - half and half, and track how many visitors you get from each. Whichever option generates the most traffic “should” have been used for all your articles and you can use that to guide you in the future. Personally, I wouldn’t go near Ezine but I know people who’ve had success with it.

If you can test it, test it.

The purpose of writing good content (which I’m assuming yours is) is to better the web. When you’re providing quality content others will link to your site which in-turns increases your ranking. We all know this is how SEO works.

When you submit your article to a directory you generally max the possible number of links back to your website at 1. Yes, other sites could publish the article and link back to you but those aren’t very useful. They’re linking simply because they have to.

If you submit your quality articles to your own blog, then related blog writers will most likely comment on your articles and link to them. Your thoughts and ideas will be syndicated throughout the web much for effectively.

The real question here is what type of articles you have. Did you write truly good articles that are worth linking to or are they just a 500 word piece of garbage that you outsourced from a 3rd world country? If your articles aren’t top-notch stuff then you’re wasting your time with publishing them at all. If they are amazing pieces of work, then I’d publish them to your own blog and reap the rewards for your hard work.