Submit Form in Codeigniter PHP

I Am New To Codeigniter PHP !
i want to submit different section of my form and want to update it as well!
basically i have 3 different form in my one main page with one submit button,but i have taken only one <form> tag and for all the forms.

so here is my controller


public function Resume()
        foreach($this->input->post('Skills') as $key =>$value )
              $this->form_validation->set_rules('resume_id['.$key.']', 'Key ID '. ($key+1), 'required');
                $this->form_validation->set_rules('employer_name['.$key.']', 'Employer Name '. ($key+1), 'valid_email');
          if ($this->form_validation->run() == true){
             $Resume = $this->input->post();
           foreach($this->input->post('Person_id') as $key =>$value )
           $ResumeInsert[$key]['Person_id'] = $Resume['Person_id'][$key];
           $ResumeInsert[$key]['email_contact'] = $Resume['email_contact'][$key];
           $ResumeInsert[$key]['Contact_Phone'] = $Resume['Contact_Phone'][$key];
          $ResumeInsert[$key]['communication'] = $Resume['communication'][$key];
         $ResumeInsert[$key]['creativity'] = $Resume['creativity'][$key];
 foreach($this->input->post('emp_id') as $key =>$value )
          $ResumeInsert[$key]['resume_keyid'] = $Resume['emp_id'][$key];
                    $ResumeInsert[$key]['employer_name'] = $Resume['employer_name'][$key];
                    $ResumeInsert[$key]['start_Date'] = $Resume['start_Date'][$key];
                    $ResumeInsert[$key]['end_date'] = $Resume['end_date'][$key];
        foreach($this->input->post('resume_id1') as $key =>$value ){
        $ResumeInsert[$key]['edu_id'] = $Resume['resume_id1'][$key];
                    $ResumeInsert[$key]['year_gain'] = $Resume['year_gain'][$key];
                    $ResumeInsert[$key]['qualification_name'] = $Resume['qualification_name'][$key];
                    $ResumeInsert[$key]['institution_name'] = $Resume['institution_name'][$key];
                        $ResumeInsert[$key]['resume_id'] = $GetLastID;
                if(empty($ResumeInsert) &&  empty($ResumeUpdate)){


In Above Code $this->input->post(“Skills”) is a submit button,and every Foreach loop is different section of my form

so what is my issue is,if i submit all the sections togather then its works perfect ! but if i am going to submit one particular section then that particular section can update but rest section bacome NULL

what i need to do is,i can update/insert any single section but previous section should not be null
can’t understand where is the mistake?please any help?

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