Submit button blunder

Hi from 15°C 94% humidity Wakefiled UK :slight_smile:

On this page -
i’ve got a problem with the submit button in that I just cant get rid of the text - “Submit button” sitting over the graphic.

Also how do i get rid of the block of whitespace between Order a Brochure & enter your contact details - (looking via IE 8).

Can any sitepoint member please give me clue as how to get rid of it?

Any insights welcome :slight_smile:

Tried to get the alt tag to work, which I know how to do. Done it a millions times but in differenet markup. Just cant get it to work in this context. Anyways thanks for all your help, I’m out of time so cant make anymore improvements.

Good idea: like all images, it requires alt text (instead of a value attribute) which can be shown when images don’t load.

However I would go ahead and have a hover/focus style and add cursor: pointer to it as well (for any browsers who refuse to do that with images). It needs to act like a button so people know right away that it is, indeed, a button.

You know there is an <input type=“image” /> … right? :slight_smile:

That would also be better suited in this case because it still shows up when a non-css capable visitor comes by, whereas your css background will disappear in that case.

if i m getting it right then you need to remove value of submit button

<input type="submit" [COLOR="Red"]value="Order Brochure"[/COLOR]>


<input type=“image” src=“image.png” alt=“Order Brochure”>

You’ll only see the alt text if the image doesn’t load… so the assumption is that the text is part of the image.