Submit a form from code

Hi is this possible and if so can you lead me in the right direcion. I have a form that fills out my name and age i want that post data to be put in to another form on a seperate page and submited can php submit another form without a person pushing the submit button? no its not for spam lol:goof:

You can submit data from PHP by sending raw headers or by using cURL functions. For more info,

Sounds rather complicated lol

You can also send form data to a form on another page as either GET or POST data. You could also use cookies (has disadvantages though)

how would i put data into a text field with out having access to that source code

Don’t understand what you mean. Can you give a real world example of where you would normally do that.

forget it waste of my time, i just wanted to post recruitment messages in a game chat room once a hr but i dont own the chat form i wanted to post a message from my script and send but if its hours of work its not worth it lol thanks anyways