Submissions: The Great Holiday Photography Competition

December Weather

Lakeside photos from petrozavodsk, Russia: 4 DEC 2010

[FONT=“Georgia”]Toy Soldiers

I got bored of programming, so I just went out and rolled around in the dirt.


A pity it doesn’t fit to the contest because of the dates. This is my son “Still dancing” (he’s now 15 and he began with ballet and dancing at the age of 6)

And yes, it’s moved, but even if I have a lot of pictures of that day, this one is the one that really gives me more the impression of movement and freedom (other pictures, if you’re interested are at my flickr: ). Ballet is such a rigid form of dancing!

Still Dancing…
I was the photographer at a wedding on New Years Eve… This was the couple’s last slow dance.

A yellow petal on a hibiscus tree

December Weather just after sunrise at Maroondah Reservoir.

Three more “out of contest” as far as they were taken long before the contest:


Ok, it ain’t very yellow yet, but it’s doing its best :smiley:


Christmas lights

December weather

Gifts for the holidays

Shopping :slight_smile:



At home in Moncton, Canada

Gifts For Holidays

(Consumerism is alive and well!)

Christmas Lights

White tree (a new trend here!)

December weather

Here in Canada you gotta have snow at Christmas, in Moncton it came just in time!

Christmas Lights