Submission in no-follow Directories

Is there any harm if we submit a site in good PR directories with no-follow links?

Reading all your comments here in this thread.

Do you mean that it is more okey if your site has a low backlinks if the SERP is #4 ?

Because I handled a site with a low back links ( 10 ) but in Google SERP my site is in Top 4.

Do I need to worried about it, or just continue what I am doing.

Note: I’m just doing off-page optimization.

I tried submitted to nofollow directories some time ago before knowing SEO and I saw no results- haven’t done anything since.

If you get ‘nofollow’ links to your site, it doesn’t matter what the PR of the site is, you will get no googlejuice at all from them. Full stop. End of story.

If those links are in a place where they might help real people to find your website then that’s all well and good. But if they’re on pages that no-one is likely to read when looking for a website like yours, there’s no point in having the links there, and you run the risk of Google treating them as spam. It probably isn’t a big risk, but when there’s only downside and no upside, why would you bother?

its not harmful at all because when you get backlinks from good pr site in-spite of it that these are no-follow its good because it seems that you are doing natural, ethical and right link building for you site because these are absolutely free.

NO. Submission is no-follow directories will not harm you. You can do submission in some no follow back links sites, as well directories. If say directory has good page rank, than it may help you.

The problem is that a lot of people who come on here asking about backlinks are looking to get them by spamming. They aren’t interested in building a high quality link profile, and it’s a good job because they haven’t invested in high quality content that will get them links from reputable sites.

PR is a factor in the Google algorithm, but it’s only a very minor one. Focusing on PR at the expense of concentrating on other factors is a false economy. Webmasters who chase PR often have a poor understanding of how the overall algorithm works.

What’s the beef? The words “backlink” and “PR” seem to be like a red rag to a bull.

They are significant. Backlinking by spamming has no value, but meaningful and relevant comments can point traffic to your site, even when it is with a “nofollow” tag. It serves the same purpose as a sign outside a shop. Of the thousands flocking by a few do enter the shop.

PR is useful. If the first SERP is cluttered with PR 4 and above, then that keyword will be difficult to compete with, but if the PR are 3 and below, then it’s fair game.

Isn’t it more of a case-by-case issue?

It will not be harmful if you submit a site in good PR directories with no-follow links.

Just don’t exceed the number of submissions, if you have no links and suddenly you have a lot of them, search engines may see this badly, even though they are no-follows.

I agree, If your buying your submissions have them spread out over a set time. If your doing them yourself, you should be ok.

There’s no harm to it, but you might not gain anything very much either – search engines won’t pay any attention to links that marked as nofollow. If you’re looking at nofollow links, what you want is high traffic sites rather than high PR sites, because the only benefit you’ll get is from actual real people looking through those directories. And that’s where it’s more important to have a directory that lots of people are looking at than one that might have a high PR but low traffic.

Im not disagreeing with any of your post, but i was wondering… If a directory has high PR, would that not mean it would have lots of traffic & a directory with low PR would have low traffic? I know PR means page rank not traffic lol but i thought if youve got high PR the traffic would come naturally?

It depends what people are searching for, and how many links you’ve got on other popular sites.

I could have the most authoritative directory site on sharpening lawnmower blades in the world, it could have PR8 and links from every relevant site out there. And five visitors a month. You could have a general directory on garden maintenance, with some inbound links and PR2 … the chances are you’re going to get more traffic than I am.

Traffic comes from search referrals, organic links and paid links/advertisements, and depends on the quality and placement of all of these and the relevance and appeal of your site to a broad audience. It is not a case of “build it and they will come” … you can have the best site in the world, but if the topic is so esoteric that nobody is interested in it, nobody is going to look at it.

Now that you say it, it makes sense now lol. If iv got a PR9 website, but if the market isnt that big for what im selling, its still not going to get alot of traffic.

Let me put it to you this way.
I would rather to have PR 0 site with outstanding content in top 10 SEPR than PR 9 site no where to be find in 10,000.



Thanks for valuable replies.

Some of the top directories converted all their links to no-follow because Google started penalizing directories which only sold links. People would add their sites to the directory just for backlinks.

However, if you are looking for traffic-real visitors from directory u can submit to nofollow dirs. You can check dirs with good alexa rank.

Can you point us where does it says in official statements made by Matt Cutts or any other G. official?
Will Google penalize sites which only link using the nofollow attribute? - YouTube



See, I’m not saying Google ever penalized sites/directories using NoFollow for links. What I was saying is just the reverse. May be you’ve mistaken me.

If you are buying/selling dofollow links just to manipulate search/SERP google may take action. But again that never meant we can’t buy/sell links…

So what Google advices is to use NoFollow links for advertisement.

[INDENT]If, however, a webmaster chooses to buy or sell links for the purpose of manipulating search engine rankings, we reserve the right to protect the quality of our index. Buying or selling links that pass PageRank violates our webmaster guidelines. Such links can hurt relevance by causing:

[INDENT]If you want to buy or sell a link purely for visitors or traffic and not for search engines, a simple method exists to do so (the nofollow attribute).

Source -

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Information about buying and selling links that pass PageRank