Sublime Text 3 Sync User Settings with Dropbox?

Hey Everyone,

Does anyone here have experience syncing Sublime Text 3 settings between different computers (mac and win) using Dropbox? I’ve found some info involving creating symlinks, but haven’t had any luck. I want to sync key bindings, snippets, macros, and custom package settings.


You can do a portable install and sync the entire app and everything. I guess you could single out the settings files, the plugins files, and all that, but I’m not sure how well it’ll work. I actually started to learn Vim and started working off a shared VM for a similar reason.

This looks like a pretty good guide actually:

Have you tried that? I’d be interested in how well it works out.


Thanks! It didn’t work right off the bat, so I had to make some changes. This article tells you to make your symbolic like like this in Windows Powershell:

cmd /c mklink /D User "$env:userprofileDropboxSyncSublime TextUser"

But it’s missing the BACK slashes and I had to drop the quotes. This ended up working for me:

cmd /c mklink /D User d:\Dropbox\Backup\Sublime\User

Also, so far I’ve only done this on my Windows 10 machine.


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Sounds good. I may try to do it later, but sync to Github.

I remember once I installed Sublime to an early version of a Google Drive directory and it just melted. It caused Google Drive to completely lock up my computer and just ate my network. I did the same thing with Dropbox, and it worked, but it definitely wasn’t a good solution because it could be slow or eat my network… but nothing like Google Drive did.

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