Sublime text 3- installed emmet on WIN, how make that cursor anticipate your next move in list

How get sublime text 3 to emancipate anticipate my next move , for instance, when i have

		<li>cursor here </li>
		<li> i want it automatically here when upper list is finished</li>
		<li>and then here... </li>

You might need to explain “emancipate”, as it means nothing to me in this context. What are you trying to do?


:slight_smile: Sorry, I thought anticipate, predict, please correct it, so people can understand it. Tnx

Off Topic:

Done. Unfortunately, I know nothing about Sublime Text, so you’ll need to await more knowledgeable assistance there.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t help me at all. It’s just not clear at all what you are trying to do.

I am unfamiliar with Sublime text so this is only a guess.

Some of the IDEs I’ve used have an “auto-complete” feature.

No software will be able to anticipate your next move.
But, once your start typing it may be able to offer a selection of common things that match. eg.
You start typing “fun” and “function” appears. Click it and you don’t need to type the rest of the word.

Or in your example, when working with lists it does similar to the vB editor offering inputs that will insert into the mark-up for you.
Similar to link in the editor here

If Sublime text doesn’t have this out of the box maybe there is an addon that will do it?
Or maybe you could use an IDE?

Emmet is an add-on for Sublime text. It’s a super tool for code completion etc. You can produce a whole unordered list, for example—text and all—with some simple keystrokes. I just can’t work out what the OP is trying to do in this instance.

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