Sub-sites on 1 Host-Account

Hi all, thanks in advance.

I have a basic/bronze hosting account with “Zen Internet” in the UK. And domains with both them, and "Heart Internet"in the UK. Zen allows 3 CMS instances on the account.

My budget is small, so I’d like to see if I could kludge 3 sites/domains on the the hosting account.

So something like: Domain 1 would go to /{root}
Domain 2 would go to /1/index.php
Domain 3 would go to /2/index.php

I’ve tried and failed, how can this be done? (Preferably with the least SEO disadvantage possible(. Somewhere in the DNS records I hope/suspect?

jphilipson thank you! that worked liked a charm!
First time! No 301s shown by “LiveHTTPheaders”.
I even got seperate 404 pages for each domain!

Am I right in saying that cPanel would normally achieve the same, simply by being a GUI that re-writes .htaccess? Or does cPanel have some other method?

Excellent stuff.

You don’t happen to know about using .htaccess to fix a Joomla install that dies when you switch on “Search Engine Friendly” slugs by any chance?
Again, very grateful.

Problem details here:

I think you can call them or send request to set those redirects to you. If your account have such privileges They are supposed to do that for you.

If you’ve got cPanel it can be done in the panel under addon domains IIRC.
Or there’s the option of putting a redirect on an index file on the domain folder.
And of course there’s the option of redirect/url mask on the domain provider end.

Looking at their site it does not look like they offer cPanel. Do they offer any control panel at all? Does the server run on Apache? If so, then this can be done with .htaccess.

Basically you would need to rewrite each domain to the sub-folder it is in. Here is the correct way to do it. Should not affect SEO, as it is not visible to the search engine.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/1/
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST}$
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ 1/$1 [L]

Hi all
Thanks for your time.

The Host (Zen) does give cPanel for all accounts, but only allows the proper multi-domain “addon domains IIRC” with the more expensive account.
So this is intended as a ‘kludge’ until I can afford that.

I was thinking of trying something in the DNS “A Records” like “IPaddress/site2.html”
But jphilipson your solution sounds good! I will try it and report back.

Thank you