Styling Question

Any suggestions on how I can improve the styling of my Slide-Show located here…

It looks great, however, maybe the Pause/Previous/Next buttons look too dominant?

(Maybe it would look better if the buttons were not styled at all, and just left as hyperlinks?)

Since this slide-show will have a fairly small footprint, I want people’s eyes to be draw to the changing slides and not to ancillary things like the buttons.



Hi Debbie,

We handle these these type of design related questions in the elements review forum.

It’s a place where you can post your element and ask for critique and suggestions but you do have to do the same for three other designs before yours is allowed to be submitted.

I think you will also get more design related answers there as we are only really interested in code in the CSS forum :slight_smile:

I would say though before I go that I think the three buttons on the right should follow the same format as those on the left for consistency.

If you want help with that aspect then the thread can stay open but aesthetic question should really be handled in the elements review forum -because that’s what it’s there for :slight_smile:

Oh, okay.