Styling problem

Hi, I need some help, I am using bootstrap templates and then i also downloaded table plugins for my data representation which is not bootstrap and this has also it’s own styling…now the problem is that my table plugins is adopting the style of the bootstrap and it destroy the design,can you please help me what is the better solution for this?.

Learn HTML and CSS and get rid of Boo-strap. :eek:

If Bootstrap is your page framework, the table stuff that you “borrowed” has to be adapted to fit within Bootstrap. There is probably no easy solution other than to “roll your own”.

bootstrap 2.2.3 is better for new user but bootstrap 3.0 is for upper user. Don’t be worry if you read the document, you can easy understand bootstrap 3.0.

You will just have to over-ride the bootstrap styles on your table. Mind you Bootstrap doesn’t actually apply any heavy styles by default to tables unless you are using some of their pre-defined classes. I didn’t run into any problems with tables when I used them in bootstrap.

bootstrap 2.2.3 is better for new user but bootstrap 3.0 is for upper user.

Bootstrap 3 is just the new version with the mobile first approach and is no harder/simpler than the previous version It’s just different.

The documentation you need is at Sorry to say, though, that ronpat is right; it’s best to get some fundamental knowledge about CSS.


Thank you for your advice guys,…@Paul O’B, yes that’s what i did i override some css of bootstrap…but there is some problem i could not get rid of the inline-style generated by the plugin that i used “jqgrid”…I don’t know how to override the inline style…

THank you :slight_smile:

The only way to over-ride inline styles (that is rules that are in the tag themselves ina style attribute) is to use !important in your normal css rules. That will ensure your rules win out unless the inline styles are using !important and then there’s no way to over-ride them.:slight_smile:


Hi Paul O’B, thank you for giving idea on how to use !important, :)…