Styling a form

Please someone help me to style this form or give a link where I can learn how to deal with inputs text and checkboxes.

<form id="insert_questions" action="#" method="post" >
   <br />
      <input type="Text" name="question" size="50" />
      <br />
      <b>Optiunnea 1</b><br />
      <input type="Text" name="opt1" size="30" />
      <b>Optiunea 2</b><br />
      <input type="Text" name="opt2" size="30" />
      <b>Optiunea 3</b><br />
      <input type="Text" name="opt3" size="30" />
      <br />
      <label>Raspuns corect <span>A</span> * </label> 
      <input type="radio"  name="a" class="radio" /> 
      <label>Raspuns corect <span>B</span> * </label> 
      <input type="radio"  name="b" class="radio" />    
	  <label>Raspuns corect <span>C</span> * </label> 
      <input type="radio"  name="c" class="radio" />  
	  <label>Raspuns corect <span>AB</span> * </label>
      <input type="radio"  name="ab" class="radio" />  
	  <label>Raspuns corect <span>BC</span> *  </label> 
      <input type="radio"  name="bc" class="radio" />
	  <label>Raspuns corect <span>AC</span> * </label> 
      <input type="radio"  name="ac" class="radio" />
	  <label>Raspuns corect <span>ABC</span> * </label> 
      <input type="radio"  name="abc" class="radio" />   
	  <label>Raspuns corect - <span>NICI UNUL</span> * </label>     
      <input type="radio"  name="0" class="radio" />
      <br />
      <br />
      <input type="Submit" name="submit" value="Trimite intrebarea" />


From a stylesheet I have

border:solid 2px #3d8aa8; 

legend {
padding: 5px 15px;
border:solid 1px #3d8aa8;

input {
border: 2px solid #ccc;

input:focus {  
 border: 2px solid #000;  

textarea {
border: 2px solid #ccc;
textarea:focus {  
 border: 2px solid #000;  

#button {

I also tend to put a form in a div which has an appropriate width and gets centered by margin:auto; . I notice you don’t use a fieldset or legend.

Also, Sitepoint have an entire book on form styling, and a search from the home page will bring up several very useful articles on form styling.

Thank you Dr John. I used it but I forgot to say thank you :).