Stylesheet Name Limitations

Can I name a style-sheet “_layout.css” ??


what happened when you tried? :eye:

Smoke appeared… :eek:

Seriously, though, is it okay to do that so my important style sheets sort to the top?


I don’t see why not. I don’t know of a spec that would state you can’t do it.

Although a PHP programmer may think your CSS files are private or protected lol.

I normally put my file(s) like CSS, JS etc in folders with names like /_css/, /_scripts/, /_includes/ etc. to help keep them separate from other site folders.

Right, but I have multiple stylesheets and would like “layout” to be at the top inside my “css” folder, so that is why I was checking.


Actually I recommend you just test it. It really does depend on the host and the way their severs are configured. So far I have never encountered any problem with file names that start with numbers, dashes or underscores. At the same time i have run into host that are case sensitive, allow spaces(" "), etc…

It’s just a quick upload and it wont blow up your page…other than you get to see what it looks like w/o styles on