Stupidest thing you did at work

What’s the stupidest thing that you’ve done at work?
I fell on the grill while walking backwards, flipping patties, and burnt the whole arm. Never told a manager. In the end, I got in trouble for not saying anything, but hey, I was fine.


I think back on some of the things I said to customers or senior managers / directors when I was young and wonder how I didn’t get the sack. Most of what I said was correct at the time, but not put very tactfully.


We use Cuticle Sticks for Manicures at work to clean out molded rubber oil seals.
One day I got the bright idea to put one in an air gun and shoot it at a co-workers feet/legs.
In the distance of just 10 feet, the stick climbed and stuck in his cheek.
I thought for sure I was going to loose my job over that but he never said a word to the company. :fearful:
I guess we both got lucky that day!

accidentally deleted all the files on the database first day and didnt notice in time before the update became permanent…

i once accidentally stole a laptop on my last day i took a laptop home and i had to drive 45 minutes to give it back when i didn’t work there anymore.

I was labouring, a new start on a large building site and lent against a newly built concrete wall creating a nice bow effect. The bricky who was no doubt being priced by the block was none too pleased — For the sake of my head remaining on my shoulders I kept very quiet about that.

There are some others, but I have spent many years trying to bury those memories.


Accidentally turned off instead of one advertising campaign turned off all active campaigns in Google Ads Account. Campaigns were already stopped there, so I did not include only those that were running earlier. Hundreds of dollars loss.

Overwrote the files of a live website since I didn’t remember to change the path of the remote file upload. That was a frantic email to the infrastructure team for a database backup :wink: .

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Many years ago now, when I worked part-time on a delicatessen counter, I managed to slice the end of my thumb off with the bacon slicer. :eek:

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When I got a job, at an interview, when asked in which IDE you program, I said that in a notebook))

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Download warzone, 32GB

I slept about 4 hours after ofc I was fired… But I slept well at least haha

I was working on a website for a client and I was having trouble with the code. I asked my boss for help and he told me to just look it up online. So I did a search for the problem I was having and I found the answer on a forum. I copy and pasted the code into my project and it worked perfectly. A few days later, my boss asked me how I fixed the problem and I told him that I just looked it up online. He was not happy with me because he said that I should have come to him for help first :exploding_head: