Stuffy Old BBC is now fully responsive and have dropped their mobile versions

I frequently browse their site on my tablet and mobile and was always impressed at their mobile versions. Both platforms were very quick with an excellent user interface, far better than many other slower mobile news versions mostly due to having a predominance of slow loading videos.

I was surprised at the quoted mobile usage figure which is currently 65%. The software team has certainly taken this into consideration and the new site is now even better.

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Nice. I wish this would become a more common approach. I find too many “mobile” sites provide less functionality and makes more work for their users.

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Can’t say I’m a fan. No visual feedback on a tablet at all, not adaptive etc. The BBC international has had this layout for a while now, it was really only the UK site that was using the old style.

It’s getting better but still could do with a little work. Have you tried to look at it on an old Android for example? They are using JQuery, there are 244 requests on load, redirect chains and not evening using deferred javascript.

Considering we are no moving into the realms of adaptive/responsive design really the site should be generating content based on geolocation etc. Typically BBC, only a few years out.

Well, with Google getting ready to bring the “Mobile Friendly” criteria into play for SEO, I think we will see many sites make a similar move. Good job, BBC!

That’s the mistake. Most modern approaches take what I call the “Apple approach” in which only one or two old versions are going to be supported. Everyone else is supposed to upgrade or suffer the consequences.

The old “Microsoft approach” where things are supported for x number of years, regardless of the number of versions since then, are long gone. Easier on developers, sure, hell on the budgets of businesses and end consumers.


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