Student - Looking for direction!

Im a college student who is doing a project. Project is pretty simple, and really what im looking for I know can be done easily. Its a matter of where to look and how to get started. Being an architecture student and working on site analysis project, I decided to put together a single webpage format that really just links words to pictures. I figured html would be the best way to go.

I’ve started work on this project, searching for website builders/programs that will allow me to easily put together a single page. From what I’ve gathered to this point, I know there is an easier way which leads me to ask for: any recommendation on the best direction to take with this? Any good webpage building programs? Would this be easier to put together solely with code? I plan to build on this in the future, adding flash among other things.

Idealy what im wanting is a bulletin format (lets say on the left side of a page) linking to pictures (on the right). Pictures which come into vision when the linked word is clicked. I want the pictures to layer on each other (depending what ‘words’ have been activated.) Should be over 50 pictures in a layering format. (Picture of intended layout: As the title is “site analysis” the sub topic being the next to larger words including:

Visual Data exc.

and then further detail of each, as an example of Environment being:

Shadow Analysis
Wind Patterns

These ‘further detail’ areas when activiated will show pictures to the right.

The original layout presentation was done in a program known as AutoCAD and presented with the layering system. By creating this 'Page" it creates a user-interactive layering system, to better understand this project in relation to site analysis.

Please help! Im willing to do all the work, research, and learning of programs… just a matter of looking to experienced site builders for guidance and direction!


Hi DJBarchit, welcome to SitePoint! :wave:

Sorry your link is truncated, so we can’t advise about the layout.

About editors I recommend a code editor before a wysiwyg editor because the latter output is a mess code-wise to edit later. So the best is to get used to code by hand.

There are lots of code editors, some is better to handle projects and can give a hand in coding by e.g. syntax check and highlighting and code suggestion in html, css, javascript, php etc. Try a couple before you decide. (Assuming Windows, you can let these two free examples set the bar: PSPad and [URL=“”]NotePad++.)

Is it transparent layers that should add to the picture as the user activates more words? That would be a topic for the SP javascript forum. (Though nothing is impossible with CSS, it is not always practical. :slight_smile: )

Thanks for your responce!

This is turning out to be more complicated then imagined. You are correct, the layers are intended to be transparent, to see the activated data as a whole.

I do have windows and will look into what you have recommended! I’ll also see if I can get some feedback from the SP Javascript forum as you mentioned.

Thanks again for you help! I appreciate it greatly!