Stuck on design decision

Well, I’ve been working on a design for some time on a upcoming site project I’m doing, and well, there’s a bit of a block I have.

with each “widget” or content block, I’ve got a header, body, regular link colors, text colors, etc… But the subheaders within the block content is not working for me design wise. It’s currently just a light shade of gray, but it tends to ‘hide’ because of that. I’ve tried to bold the text, but that gives too much emphasis. Darkening the text blends it with the content too much.

So, what should I do? Do more than just text color? Keep in mind, this needs to be able to be in multiple areas of the block content, so it needs to work without killing flow.

Basically, I’m just stumped. I’ll figure it out most likely, but curious if any of you might have a suggestion to give. The attached screenshot will give more insight as to what I mean. (of course, as soon as the attachment is approved… try this instead:

Are those headers including text or do you add the text in your html editor?