Struggling with finding right keywords for my new start-up

Hi Everyone,

For several days, I’m struggling with Adwords and finding right keywords. I am a web developer but this is the first time building my own SaaS venture.

Basically, I am building an online service where software companies, developers and SaaS owners will host their user manuals, API docs and knowledge base on my service.

Just like a site builder but focused on user manual / knowledge base building.

You can take a look at my landing page here:

Now, the problem is, pre-release marketing. I am trying to market it through Adwords to win some potential customers before the release. BUT I’m having problems with finding right keywords.

I tried several keywords but I simply can not get enough impressions/clicks.

what do you recommend for a geek who has no marketing experience :frowning:

Your help is much appreciated, thanks!!!


according to me as per my experience you should research your competitor website after that you just verified that weather it’s useful to you business as well make sure about the things that what every your competitor’s keyword you don’t trust them because time goes & trend chages…

as you know that how to use adwords & keyword tool that will really helpful to you :slight_smile: