Struggling to progress with javascript!

Hi all,
so I’ve got a fair bit of knowledge about javascript, I can read the code and understand what does what etc, know all of the operators etc (done a fair bit of actionscripting so I’m familiar with the ecma framework).

The thing is I just don’t feel able to progress! I’d reall like to write my own scripts but I havent a clue what to write and how to write it! It’s like I’m stuck at the level of being able to read it and write very simple functions… after that I’m scuppered! The thing is most of the tutorials only strethc the level I’m at!

Anyone else encountered this? How do I progress?

:slight_smile: I agree with Madisonjs, keep reading anything you can get your hands on. You’re in the lovely “Intermediate” level of a technology where you understand enough to realize what you do not understand. I just got a copy of jQuery: Novice to Ninja in the mail today (my Week1 Golden Post prize! :smiley: ) and so far it’s every bit as good as the sample chapters. It’s an excellent guide to enhancing the Javascript you know with jQuery function calls. That’s critical because it means you simply use jQuery to automate certain tasks without having to lock yourself into a framework. You’re still generating custom code (it’s just easier) so if you want to do something with jQuery you can, but if it’s easier for you to just code it yourself, there aren’t any limitations on what you can do. The book also does a great job explaining whys and hows of best practices and maintaining accessibility. That’s one I can recommend.

I haven’t read Madisonjs’s recommendation, though I’ve read other Missing Manuals and found them to be very good. The Art and Science of Javascript (another Sitepoint book) is also fascinating. It takes a look at specific projects, so it doesn’t emphasize what may be generally applicable to your own solutions, but definitely worth a look.

honestly, in my opinion, picking up a good book with deep explanations and tutorials on what it’s talking about is the best way to do it.

The one i learned with was Javascript: The Missing Manual and i HIGHLY recommend it. The first half of it teaches you Javascript basics and DOM scripting, and the second half focuses on jQuery stuff.