Struggling on how to auto size column

Hi I am trying to auto size the right column on my site to auto-fill and I am really struggling:

Does anyone have any ideas?

I am using the 960 Grid as the structure of my template.

Thanks in advanced,

Hi digadesign. I’m afraid “auto-fill” is a meaningless term. Could you specify what you mean?

I’m guessing you want the background to stretch down the right side. If so, you could consider using the faux columns method, with a repeating background image. For the bottom right curvy part, instead of making the footer image transparent, make the transparent bits white to cover over the orange going down the right side.

[PS: I’ve moved this thread to the CSS forum. :slight_smile: ]

Or you could set a wide right orange border on that content section of about 54px and remove that awkward div carrying the side image. Then just absolutely place a small background image on top of the border to get the curve effect at the top. That allows the border on the content to continue the background colour forever.