Structuring content sub sections

I’m building a website that has a section for programs within the organization. The content within these pages is mostly the same as content in the rest of the site. The difference is that they have categories used for sorting and have some additional information such as a profile image.

In addition to standard content, programs will have news and other types of content associated with them.

I was planning on creating a table for ‘programs’ that contained the extra information, but keep the program static content within the ‘pages’ table along with other static content. There will be multiple pages for each program.

Abbreviated Diagram


program_id (default:0 or none)



Is there any better way to do this? Should program pages be separate from regular static pages. When I think out other tasks, like assigning permissions, it creates complications either way.


Not sure what this has to do with PHP Application Development, but hey. The way I see it, you have two options: either split the programs into a separate table and link to the “base” table, like you proposed, or simply stuffing the extra columns into the page table.

If there is only a small difference between the content of a conceptual entity “page” and the content of a “program”, I’d vote for the latter: just add the columns you need for a “program” to the “page” table. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having NULL values in your database, and it decreases the structures’ complexity a lot.