Structured data results up Google serps

Hi to everyone!
From some weeks I’m trying to implement my html web site with structured data.
I am working about promotion of events.
My web pages appear in the Google serps with the Json ld scripts without problems.
But I want to get another result.
If you type in the Google Search box: events + town name
Google makes you see a whole series of results over its serps.
The web sites that appear in this section are using structured data; but there is no way I can appear in that section with my web sites.
I tried to add json ld scripts to web pages dedicated to events in small towns
where the competition is clearly inferior, but I don’t succeed in being present.
Grateful for any help on this.

I’m a little unclear about exactly what the problem is. Those statements seem to contradict.
Is it that your pages appear for some search queries but not others?

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