Structured data - inconsistant google

I’m just looking at adding structured data to my pages so I’ve created a snippet using the google tool

I then checked it with the google markup checker

And it threw up 2 optional warnings. One for the url for the author and one for the article ‘headline’.

So after a bit of looking I worked out what they were for etc and they are listed on the google dev page

My question though is is it ok to not have those 2 specified as the google tool didn’t bother with them? If not why doesn’t the tool have them (more a question for google I suppose). The google tool adds a variable called ‘name’ but this doesn’t appear on the google dev example. What is this for? says it’s the ‘The name of the item.’ but is that just for identifying it internally or should that also be the same as the heading title of the page?


I think the clue is there, in bold.
As for “Name” I’m not sure how that differs from “Headline”.
I suppose name is a more generic term taken from thing, with headline being more specific to an article.
If I can say one thing about Google and what it considers correct structured data, they do like moving the goalposts.

I guess I always feel like I should always do all of the ‘optional’ things too, on the basis that if they bother mentioning them there is always the chance it will affect the outcome even if just a tiny tiny bit. There are loads of other optional variables on that can be added too but they didn’t mention those.

Guess I’ll just add headline and name as i’m thiniking it is probably better to have both than just the one if it is the wrong one.


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