Stroke (Inside) not outside in Illustrator

Is it possible to add a stroke to something in Illustrator CS but instead of having it make my text thicker have it appear inside (not outside)?

Photoshop has this option but I can’t figure out how to do it in Illustrator.

Baiscally, when I add an outside stroke my text is too bulky and loses definition. Adding it inside would be a huge help.


Are you trying to do something like this image?

Adobe Illustrator CS2 has “Align Stroke” option - so You can decide where it should be placed (outside/center/inside).
In older versions (I am using v10) - I make a copy of the text, convert it to outlines, offset to the center and subtract the inner shape from the original one.
A bit more effort than just aligning the stroke, but it works…

You can always create your basic text with the gradient and expand the pixels onto the color you want, and then keep doing so.