Stripe gateway rejecting live payments, thinking it’s in test mode


Hope you are well. I’m trying to test my Stripe account with a live payment using my own debit card, but even though the toggle on my homepage dashboard is pointing to “Live”, I get the following error on my site:

“Your card was declined. Your request was in test mode, but used a non test card. For a list of valid test cards, visit:

Dummy test numbers work ok in either mode, it just keeps thinking it’s in test mode. I’ve checked the test and live API keys and they are correct, having re-entered them several times with no change.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, thank you for reading, looking forward to your reply.

Stripe has different API keys for live and testing, are you using the correct keys?

Thanks for replying. Yes I am, all the keys are correct and exactly as assigned. I wonder if this has occurred before with anyone?

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