String getting cutoff on insert

I have a query that is inserting values correctly however for the article text it cuts of bellow is my text

string(12132) "&nbsp;&nbsp; <font face=Georgia>As consumers spend more time in their cars, advertisers are responding with new avenues to deliver their messages during driving time.<br>&nbsp;&nbsp; New programs include innovations in truck-side or mobile ads that move along with drivers in traffic. This is the second of a two-part update on mobile advertising.<br>&nbsp; To find out how to get your client\\'s message in front of consumers while they\\'re on their way to work, shop, eat out or be entertained, read on.&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;&nbsp; This is one in a Media Life series on buying the new out-of-home venues. They appear weekly.</font> \
<p><b><font face=Arial>Fast Facts</font></b></p>\
<p><b><font face=Arial>What</font></b><font face=Georgia><br>&nbsp;&nbsp; Rotating ads placed on the exterior panels of trucks that move continuously in a loop through target markets.</font></p>\
<p><b><font face=Arial>Who</font></b><font face=Georgia><br>&nbsp;&nbsp; Admobile, headquartered in Fairhope, Ala.</font></p>\
<p><b><font face=Arial>How it works</font></b><font face=Georgia><br>&nbsp;&nbsp; Loops are what distinguish this mobile advertising program. A series of ads flash from the sides and back of the trucks. The trucks travel in a continual loop in designated target areas within a market.<br>&nbsp;&nbsp; \\"Each panel projects three images in rotation,\\" says CEO Bob Tarabella.<br>&nbsp;&nbsp; Ads can be placed in three different display areas including sides, which measure 7 feet tall by 12 feet wide, the front area over the cab, which measures 3 feet tall by 6 feet, 4 inches wide, and the back panel, which is 8 feet tall by 6 feet, 4 inches wide.<br>&nbsp;&nbsp; Each image appears for eight seconds. Ads are illuminated.[caption id=\\"\\" align=\\"alignright\\" width=\\"200\\" caption=\\"\\"]<a href=\\"\\"><img class=\\"size-full\\" title=\\"adtruck1.gif\\" src=\\"\\" alt=\\"\\" width=\\"200\\" height=\\"300\\" /></a>[/caption]<br>&nbsp;&nbsp; The trucks travel continuously through high-traffic areas, displaying ads to pedestrian as well as vehicular traffic. Standard programs run for approximately 50 hours, Monday through Friday. They repeat their designated loops, starting daily during morning rush hour and concluding after evening rush hour. A complete loop generally takes an hour.<br>&nbsp;&nbsp; \\"An advertiser can buy the whole thing,\\" Tarabella says. \\"Or one truck can have 12 advertisers, front, back and both sides rotating three or three on one side from the same company.\\"<br>&nbsp;&nbsp; Each route covers approximately 20 miles. Campaigns can be designed to target specific zones or to cover an entire market. Creative is provided by the advertiser.<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; \\"Keep it lighthearted,\\" Tarabella says. \\"What doesn\\'t work is trying to do too much with text. In the time slot we have we\\'ve found that great graphic content delivers big results. In one of our locations in San Diego we have a new campaign for the Tyra Banks TV show with a local station. It\\'s a great-looking ad, a big beautiful picture of her smiling face. The picture is captivating all by itself. The supporting information goes along like the channel and time.\\"<br>&nbsp;&nbsp; Special programs that focus on specific populations at specialized events are also available. Events range from college football to motor sports. Special programs in 2005 include college bowl games and trade shows.<br>&nbsp;&nbsp; \\"You have a captive audience. It\\'s like standing around having a big party,\\" Tarabella says.[caption id=\\"\\" align=\\"alignright\\" width=\\"196\\" caption=\\"\\"]<a href=\\"\\"><img class=\\"size-full\\" title=\\"adtruck2.gif\\" src=\\"\\" alt=\\"\\" width=\\"196\\" height=\\"204\\" /></a>[/caption]<br>&nbsp;&nbsp; Special programs can incorporate elements of experiential marketing, including demonstrations, sampling and events.<br>&nbsp; Admobile signage is used for branding, promotions and event marketing. Affiliates operate 90 percent of the fleet, Tarabella says.<br>&nbsp;&nbsp; Zoning concerns are handled by Admobiles. \\"Zoning is a patchwork quilt across the country,\\" Tarabella says. \\"Our trucks display commercial messages just like city buses of a Pepsi delivery truck. In cities with prohibitions on changing messages on stationary signage we have been operating for years.\\"<br>&nbsp;&nbsp; Campaigns can be bought with national, regional or local coverage. Product exclusivity can be built in.<br>&nbsp;&nbsp; \\"With some special programs exclusivity comes with the whole season,\\" says Roger Blackshaw, vice president of sales for special programs. \\"For college football you could have trucks at 68 games being played all at the same time. One advertiser can own all the sides at all the games on all the college campuses for the whole weekend.\\"<br>&nbsp;&nbsp; Admobiles are most often used as part of a media mix, Tarabella says.</font></p>\
<p><b><font face=Arial>Markets</font></b><font face=Georgia><br>&nbsp; Areas with a population of 100,000 are targeted. The program is available in:<br><u>Alabama</u>: Birmingham, Mobile and Montgomery<br><u>California: </u>Los Angeles and San Diego<br><u>Colorado:</u> Colorado Springs<br><u>Florida: </u>Destin/Fort Walton, Leesburg, Ocala, Panama City, Pensacola and Tampa Bay<br><u>Georgia:</u> Atlanta, Stockbridge, McDonough, Morrow, Riverdale, Jonesboro, Covington, Augusta, Columbus, Macon and Warner Robins<br><u>Hawaii: </u>Honolulu<br><u>Illinois:</u> Crystal Lake, Chicago, Rockford and Dupage County<br><u>Indiana: </u>Gary<br><u>Iowa:</u> Des Moines<br><u>Kentucky:</u> Lexington and Louisville<br><u>Ohio: </u>Akron and Marietta<br><u>Kansas:</u> Overland Park<br><u>Massachusetts</u>: Boston<br><u>Mississippi:</u> Biloxi, Gulfport, Pascagoula, Hattiesburg and Jackson<br><u>Missouri: </u>Kansas City and St. Louis<br><u>New Mexico:</u> Albuquerque and Santa Fe<br><u>South Carolina:</u> Aiken, Charleston and Columbia<br><u>Texas:</u> Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston<br><u>Tennessee:</u> Chattanooga, Knoxville, Memphis and Pigeon Forge<br><u>West Virginia:</u> Parkersburg<br><u>Wisconsin:</u> Milwaukee<br>Affiliates operate the programs in 40 markets.</font></p>\
<p><b><font face=Arial>Numbers</font></b><font face=Georgia><br>&nbsp;&nbsp; Admobile\\'s fleet includes 100 vehicles. In the course of a standard 50 hours per week campaign, each ad is seen at least 1,500 times.</font></p>\
<p><b><font face=Arial>How is it measured</font></b><font face=Georgia><br>&nbsp;&nbsp; Average daily effective circulation (DEC) is determined using Department of Transportation and Traffic Audit Bureau counts. GPS technology is used to verify coverage.</font></p>\
<p><b><font face=Arial>Research</font></b><font face=Georgia><br>&nbsp; The Association of Mobile Advertising study, provided by Admobile, found that:<br><img height=12 src=\\"\\" width=12 border=0>&nbsp;Brand awareness increased from 0 percent to 32 percent among interviewees who were exposed to a campaign using three double-sided billboard trucks to promote a fictitious brand of dog food.<br><img height=12 src=\\"\\" width=12 border=0> Awareness was higher among males aged 18 through 34.<br><img height=12 src=\\"\\" width=12 border=0> Seventy-four percent of respondents reported awareness of the mobile advertising campaign.<br></font>&nbsp;&nbsp;<font face=Georgia>&nbsp; The Point-of-Purchase Advertising Institute conducted a study on the effects of motion advertising, provided by Admobile, reporting that:<br><img height=12 src=\\"\\" width=12 border=0> In terms of spontaneous consumer buying, 27 percent of respondents said they bought products they didn\\'t intend to purchase after viewing a motion ad. A total of 16,000 consumers were interviewed for the study.<br><img height=12 src=\\"\\" width=12 border=0> Additionally, 73 percent reported they felt that they couldn\\'t ignore the ads.<br></font>&nbsp;&nbsp; <font face=Georgia>Product Acceptance and Research, headquartered in Washington, D.C., conducted a study for the beer industry. The study compared beer sales in three settings. In one there was no point-of-purchase display, with one there was a static point-of-purchase display and with the third there was a motion display. The study found that:<br><img height=12 src=\\"\\" width=12 border=0> Sales at the site of the static display were 56 percent higher than no display and were 107 percent higher at the site of the rotating display.<br><img height=12 src=\\"\\" width=12 border=0> Ninety-four percent of respondents reported that they recalled the mobile billboards and 80 percent recalled the specific ad.</font></p>\
<p><b><font face=Arial>What product categories do well</font></b><font face=Georgia><br>&nbsp;&nbsp; Entertainment, automotive, sports, electronics, finance, insurance, fast food, packaged goods and media work well, Blackshaw says. \\"Promotions and new product introductions, anywhere where you\\'re trying to brand a product or promote something.\\"</font></p>\
<p><b><font face=Arial>Demographics</font></b><font face=Georgia><br>&nbsp;&nbsp; Groups can be targeted or the campaign can be based on a general demographic within a market. Department of Transportation data is used to design driving routes through heavily traveled corridors in each market.</font></p>\
<p><b><font face=Arial>Making the buy</font></b><font face=Georgia><br>&nbsp;&nbsp; Lead time is six weeks, depending on availability. \\"The quickest with availability is about a week,\\" Tarabella says. Campaigns range from four weeks to year long.<br>&nbsp;&nbsp; Factors that affect cost include number of markets and length of campaign. Production is additional. Rates vary within the network.</font></p>\
<p><b><font face=Arial>Who\\'s already on Admobiles</font></b><font face=Georgia><br>&nbsp;&nbsp; McDonald\\'s, Alltel, Coca-Cola, Budweiser, Bennigan\\'s, Applebee\\'s, Chevrolet, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Ford, Nissan, Portrait Homes, LPGA, H&amp;R Block, MarineMax, Clear Channel Radio, State Farm Insurance, Alfa Insurance, Ladies Professional Golf Association, Outback Steakhouse, RE/MAX, FSU and local affiliates of the WB, Fox and UPN.</font></p>\
<p><b><font face=Arial>What they\\'re saying</font></b><font face=Georgia><br>&nbsp;&nbsp; \\"In this multi-media environment with 4,000 to 8,000 impressions a day from gas pumps to bathroom stalls, this is something that jumps out at you. You can\\'t not look at it. The movement is compelling. What will you see next? Everybody on the street or in a car sees it. And it looks like we own the truck. We\\'ve had a great deal of buzz off it.\\" – Pam Helzer, president of TV Planning and Buying, based in Denver</font></p>\
<p><b><font face=Arial>Web site info</font></b><font face=Georgia><br>Admobile at <a href=\\"\\"><font color=#0000ff></font></a></font></p>\
<p><b><font face=Arial>Etc.</font></b><font face=Georgia><br>&nbsp;&nbsp; The first article in the series, \\"Your client\\'s message, by the truckload,\\" appeared in Media Life on Sept. 6, 2005 and can be found in the out-of-home section archive.<br></font></p>\
<p><font face=Georgia>[caption id=\\"\\" align=\\"aligncenter\\" width=\\"374\\" caption=\\"\\"]<a href=\\"\\"><img class=\\"size-full\\" title=\\"adtruck3.gif\\" src=\\"\\" alt=\\"\\" width=\\"374\\" height=\\"270\\" /></a>[/caption]<br></p></font>"

The field is longtext and it gets cut off right after “Each panel projects three images in rotation,” if I check the value being inserted is fine the problem is when it gets to mysql, I even try doing a manua insert and the same thing happens, collation is set to utf-8 general ci what am I doing wrong here?

could you please verify that the data that got stored is not cut off

is it all there when you select a row in the mysql command line?

if I check in the database it is cut off, before I send it I am positive it is completely added to the query, I am doing it with php and if I dump the var it is the full text, I am thinking there is something in some of the texts because some are inserted properly and some others get cut off, I don’t know if there is any special character that I am not escaping

are you using PDO or at a minimum MySQL_Real_Escape_String to insert your data?

Check your encoding on your database - that could be part of your problem - you’ve got an invalid character right after that text - when I copy and paste your text over to notepad++ and encode it to UTF-8, it shows as x9D).

guelphdad : I am doing MySQL_Real_Escape_String
DaveMaxwell: I never thought of doing that thing in notepad I will try, thank you!

Dave, this was the problem, the file inserting the content was encoded as ANSI, changing the encoding to UTF-8 solved the problem.