String array part match problem?

Yes it would. The encoding of the magnetic stripe on cards doesn’t provide the ability to store lowercase characters.
Here’s more info on magnetic stripe encoding than you may need, but it has a good breakdown of the ANSI/ISO ALPHA data format that is used.

Hey paul_wilkins it isn’t clear but appears that the name value excludes any other characters than A-Z for the Embossed Name on the card. So

  1. Edward Peter van Der Saar= EDWARD P VAN DER SAAR?
  2. Ronald Paul MacCdonald= RONALD P MACCDONALD?
  3. Ronald Paul Steven MacCdonald= RONALD P STEVEN MACCDONALD?
  4. Ronald Paul Steven David MacCdonald= RONALD P STEVEN MACCDONALD? DAVID not permitted?
  5. Patrick Peter O’Brien= PATRICK P OBRIEN without " ’ "?
  6. Celebrity card names with additional characters & symbols can’t be used on line?

I have to confirm all of this with my buddy in the credit card department at my bank before I proceed. Any body else knowing differently should also feel free to chirp in. Thanks for any consideration in advance.:x:rofl:

Actually the number of names in a name embossed on the card has not been determined and probably relies on the total string length which doesn’t account for Initializing the middle name as in ‘John P Smith’. This caused me to believe that only three names where permitted which didn’t account for ‘Edward Peter van Der Saar’ etc.

OK. I asked just about every where about the syntax of the name of the card holder as held in the magnetic strip commonly referred to as ‘Track #1’ and the way it would be stored in the new smart card chips. Mostly the banks are rightly concerned that any such query ranks as a fraudulent endeavor and refuse to give out such information at all. The International Card Manufacturers Association is equally secretive and only gives information to it’s members who are fully invested in the promotion and development of new technology. Their on line magazine as yet has no archive search ability as for sure the exact subject may very well have been addressed by one of their many experts in the field. The only information that I could obtain showing the name of card holder held in track #1 of a magnetic strip card had to do with a police inquiry into fraud related to hotel room card keys in which the police had used wireless devices and software to read cards and the name of the card holder stored on track #1. Inadvertently they had read the credit card info as well as the hotel room key cards so rights of privacy where called into question and the investigation itself was investigated revealing the name of card holder in the track#1 as all uppercase A-Z with each name/word delimited by ‘\’ only. Unfortunately this did not reveal the case for “O’BRIEN” and the apostrophe though ISO and ANSI information clearly lists many ‘Special’ characters it is not clear that they are received as raw ‘data’ or serve as flags or delimiters? Will post back my final script.