Is it possible to apply a strikethrough to text using CSS?

If so, is it considered bad practice to do so?

Are there any supportability issue?



<s> and <strike> are deprecated element, but they work better than the CSS alternative, [URL=“”]line-through.



… of browser support. (The linked pages list browser support.)

But if <strike> is deprecated as well, doesn’t using that HTML tag create the same issue?

Either way, is it “bad form” to strike-through text online (similat to how many frown upon underlining non-hyperlinked text)?


Uhm… Surprised I don’t see the CORRECT tag for this mentioned.

See, sure <s> and <strike> are deprecated – IN FAVOR OF <del>

So use DEL. “deleted text” – renders properly in all browsers, just don’t expect the attributes to do anything.

That’s one problem with the sitepoint reference – on the deprecated tags it often fails to list what they were deprecated in favor of… though it is at least mentioned in “additional reading”

Which is part of why I still use the decade old WDG HTML reference – it’s still the best one out there.

See it’s entries for S and Strike.

Both of which talk about using DEL – though for comedy they suggest using both DEL and S. This is the site showing it’s age since Nyetscape 4 didn’t support DEL while IE5 did.

CSS support can at times be spotty. however, AFIK, “text-decoration:line-trough” only has minor bugs.

Internet Explorer for Windows versions up to and including 6 place the line-through line noticeably higher above the baseline than other browsers.

<strike> and <s> may still be supported tho. much the same way <font> is deprecated, but you can still use it.

As usual, that you can still use it doesn’t mean you should. Tags convey semantic meaning. Usually a strike through mean information that was deleted ( in fact there is a <del> tag, and <ins>)

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