Stretched Stacked Images in iPad devices

On this site as you scroll down, you will see a series of images stacked. Using Browserstack, the images seem stretched and out of proportion on the iPad devices. Does anyone know how this can be fixed?

I just opened that link on Browserstack’s iPad Air emulator and it looks the exact same way as when I open it on a desktop. It’s fine, that is. Any screenshot, code, or even iPad version you tried?

Like I said, Browserstack iPad/iPad2 show the images stretched.

They look ok to me on a real ipad also.

You do have a problem with your mobile navigation on mobile (and desktop) though. If you open the mobile menu after you have scrolled down the page you just get a gray overlay with no text. I assumed it was broken and it took me a while to realize that the page underneath the menu needs to be scrolled back to the top before the mobile menu text is visible. This is obviously a design faux-pas and perhaps you should be looking a fixed position mobile menu instead.

Thanks for the heads up, PaulOB.

I guess BrowserStack wasn’t, for some reason, showing the images correctly. I’m glad I’ve found some reliable eyes to double check for me.

As for the mobile menu, I’ll look into getting that ‘fixed’ as we can’t have it the way it is.

Thank you!

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