Stretched pictures

Hi all,
I was recently on hols in Madeira and decided to have a look at my site on a shopping centre computer. It was a modern PC with a wide monitor (approx 22 inch ish) and I opted for the google chrome browser.
I was very disappointed to find that all my pictures were stretched and as a result a bit distorted. Can anybody shed any light on why this has happened?
Any help very welcome.

It could be that the aspect ratio on the monitor was wrong - it’s a common problem on widescreen monitors. If that is the problem then you’d also notice that text and everything else was similarly stretched, although it may not be so obvious.

Thanks for the reply Stevie D,
I didn’t notice that the text was stretched but as you say this may not have been as obvious.
Do you know of any other reason for this happening?

All I can think of is if you’ve set your website up to use a %age of the height and a %age of the width for the image dimensions, then a widescreen monitor … or any non-maximised browser window that isn’t in the same aspect ratio as your monitor … will completely chugger up the pictures.

Way to check - de-maximise your browser window and make it really tall and thin, or short and wide … do they pictures stretch with the window, or do they retain the correct shape?

I’m on my mac at home on a wide monitor using safari. I have specified a height and width for all my pictures and they all keep their shape when I resize the window.
I’ve checked the site on my virtual windows running XP and its fine on that also.
The only time I’ve had the problem was while on hol in Madeira on a PC with wide screen monitor as mentioned above.
When I resized the window on that computer, the pictures kept their partly stretched shape and did not keep expanding.