Streaming live events over the net

I’ve been asked by a musician to build a site to stream his concerts. Has anybody got experience of this? I presume I can use some off the shelf package to handle the streaming? Can anybody recommend a package to do this?

Thanks in advance.

I know plenty of people who use this service, might be worth considering: :slight_smile:

Hi Alex,
Thanks for your reply. I guess I need software that will take my live feed from my cameras and place it onto that site? Can I then take a ustream feed and place it on my site?

I’m not sure to be honest, I’ve never had to do it, however you could email U Stream and ask them. The problem with directly hosting it yourself and placing it on your website is that you are going to need a SERIOUS amount of bandwidth (we’re talking potentially hundreds of TB if you expect a large amount of people watching) and some hosting scaled for streaming (it doesn’t come cheap). You may find yourself having to choose between buying some expensive streaming media hosting VS hosting it elsewhere on a site like UStream with fewer costs and a better infrastructure. :slight_smile: